Amy Patsch

My husband, Neil, has been creating a lot of useful items in his woodwork shop lately. He is pretty handy that way. He is also good with finan…

Summer is around the corner, and as I was doing my Bible readings, it occurred to me that the influx of summer visitors to Cape May County every year is very much like that which occurred in Jerusalem in days long ago.   

My husband, Neil, and I have squirrels, ducks, rabbits, and lots of birds that visit our yard every spring. We’ve also had the occasional opossum drawn by the suet-filled bird feeders.  

I volunteer at the Ocean City Food Cupboard, which is located inside the Methodist church in town. One morning, when I left the Cupboard, I passed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk by the parking lot. 

Have you ever thought of yourself as ‘the favorite?’ You know, the one Mom or Dad treated better, and you were pretty sure they loved more, too. 

I read an article by a teacher stating students retain subject matter better by taking breaks while learning.

Taped on my wall in my early teens was a poster from the Peanuts series that said, “It doesn't matter what you believe just so long as you're sincere.”

We have a dear friend who we have known for years through our church. It is time, and has been for a while, for that friend to move into assisted living.

The beautiful story of redemption began long before Good Friday and has extended far beyond that first Easter Sunday. It began before the world was made.  

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