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Our corporate history, like much of our weekly activity today, revolves around our flagship publication, the Cape May County Herald. The Cape May County Herald’s lineage traces back to 1967. The newspaper was then known as the Avalon Herald. In 1968, it expanded to become the Avalon-Stone Harbor Herald. Later, the same year, it again expanded to become the Cape May County Herald – the first and only free newspaper serving the entire county. With a guaranteed weekly circulation of 15,000, it claimed “the largest circulation in the county.” In 1979, the Herald was purchased by the Seawave Corporation. Under Seawave Corporation, the newspaper was “Dedicated to the Service of God and Mankind.” This motto signaled a strong and enduring commitment to community service and journalistic quality.

The Herald continues to build on this strong foundation. We are still a free-issue newspaper serving Cape May County. We still have the largest circulation of any newspaper in the county, and our circulation is audited to prove it (30,664 average circulation as of our 2017 audit). Our editorial coverage is the best in the county; this makes us popular. Our popularity makes us the best advertising value in the county. Because of this value, advertisers readily invest in Herald advertising. The advertising revenues keep the newspaper free. So, the cycle continues … and our legacy as the local newspaper for Cape May County grows ever stronger.

Our legacy has also grown stronger as our media family has grown larger. With our summertime publication, DoTheShore magazine, numerous special sections,, and Herald mobile services, the Herald now comprises a diverse portfolio of quality media products serving the people who live, work and visit in Cape May County and serving more people than ever before.





Although the roots of print journalism can be traced to Europe in the 1400s, our heritage is the American local newspaper. The first newspaper in America, Publick Occurrences, was published in Boston in 1690, but it was immediately suppressed as an unauthorized enterprise. The first successful American newspaper was the Boston News-Letter, published in 1704. Due to both politics and economics, there were few newspapers in the early days of American history; yet, the influence of newspapers grew rapidly through the 1700s. It was largely the impassioned articles of colonial newspapers which fanned the flames of independence. By the end of the Revolutionary War, there were over forty newspapers serving the new nation, representing – and advocating – a broad spectrum of political ideologies. With the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, freedom of the press was guaranteed. 

The highly mobile, flatbed presses of the time were ideal for frontier America. Where there was a community, there was a press; where there was a press, there was a newspaper. In the early 1800s, technological advances in both printing and paper-making produced the “Penny Press.” Newspapers became a mass-market medium, growing steadily in both quantity and influence. Technology has since developed other powerful mass media vehicles in the form of radio, television and the internet. The electronic media of today, along with countless print publications, create astounding access to information worldwide. For America’s communities, however, the local newspaper remains the single most reliable, affordable and credible source of information available to the general population of the community.

This rich heritage makes us proud to deliver the local newspaper for Cape May County. Yet, we are not encamped upon our heritage. We will anticipate market changes and exploit new technologies to continually provide the best possible media service to Cape May County.


Cape May County Herald

Arthur R. Hall, Publisher
Alfred S. Campbell, Managing Editor
Erin Ledwon, Associate Managing Editor & Digital Channels Manager

Published by Seawave Corporation

Arthur R. Hall, President
Preston D. Gibson, Chief Executive Officer
Karen Dickinson, Advertising Manager
Janet Seitz, Classified Advertising Manager
Steven Dunwoody, Media & Marketing Manager
Robert Kosinski, Operations & IT Manager
Kimberly A. Enteado, Finance, HR & Office Manager