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Whether it is season of life or just life in general, I seem to consistently feel as though my bandwidth is tapped. Even as we have grown as a church and hired more staff, life is always more than enough to keep us busy.

At the beginning of September was my dad’s 75th birthday and at the end of August was my 37th. It just so happened, that right as these birthdays were happening, and summer was winding down, I read Psalm 90.

“But pastor, we are married in the eyes of God.” Over the years, I have heard this argument used to justify not getting legally married so that someone could keep their health benefits or even finagle the system to still receive assistance from an ex.

Any gardener knows that if they want their tree (or in this case vine) to bear really healthy fruit, they need to trim it. 

We’ve been talking about being busy all summer. I have received more feedback than normal via emails, text messages, and regular conversations about how much many of our readers have resonated with the things that we’ve been talking about each week.

Two weeks ago, we started focusing on the danger of the busy lives that we are all living. We cited how busyness saps our joy, attacks our heart, and can act as a facade to cover up the deep-rooted problems that are in our souls.