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As we step away from Thanksgiving Day and move toward the celebration of Christmas, I am considering, as many of us are, all the things I am very thankful for in this life.

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For years, Rio Grande Avenue has been the homestretch for a family pilgrimage to a seashore paradise. Times are a changing’, though, and the name of thoroughfare into the Wildwoods may soon change, too.

Ever gone to court and agreed to a plea deal? The judge asks if you understand that you are giving up your right to a trial and if you made this decision voluntarily. You agree, but was it voluntary?

Tears in my father’s eyes were as scarce as hen’s teeth. I saw him cry when his mother died and when he and my mother went to Hawaii with us. We visited the memorial site of the USS Arizona.

Since childhood, people have told me, “Your age group isn’t old enough to remember Sept. 11, 2001.” Last week, I learned that’s not true for someone I know.

Every story has a beginning, middle, and end.

This week's Compass Points is my last weekly column. 

As of Sept. 1, I begin to write a new life chapter called retirement. Where it will lead, who knows?