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I read with interest, on page 6 of the Feb. 10 Herald, the article where, according to the mayor, the original bonded amount of $15.5 million will be reduced by a $9.93 million federal grant.  

Were we to take a look at our foreign policy during the last four years… what foreign policy? We had receded from an Exxon chief executive officer (secretary of state) to a back bench congressman from Kansas of all places.

I share many others' concerns. Recent censorship of speech and expression is at an all-time high, mainly because of lies that were said, spread, repeated, and believed. 

Recently, someone wrote that "the last four years of telling conservatives they were stupid and uneducated caused" the people to "rise up" (in support of Trump? To take over the Capitol building?).  

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This is a “thank you” to people I’ve never met, never will, and yet they are literally a part of my life. Thanks to you all, I am here this Thanksgiving holiday.