Those who seek to make government work more effectively or more efficiently often point to consolidation as a solution, and with good reason, too. There have been several cases where government consolidation has reduced operational redundancies and overall costs, sometimes also improving services. 

“The era of high-stakes, high-stress standardized testing in New Jersey must end, and I will see that it does.” Gov. Phil Murphy made that promise as he campaigned for the office of the state’s chief executive. 

This proposal is based on information obtained by two members of the Cape Issues Group, Joe McDevitt and Mike Keaney regarding the reconstruction of Sea Isle Boulevard. This project was started several years ago and is slated for completion around 2020.

The renewed interest in completing the long-delayed Route 55 has rekindled the established traditions of bureaucracies. 

In the annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallop Poll concerning the national public school systems, 83 percent of Americans give public schools a grade of C or less.

By Tom Henry - The renewed interest in completing the long-delayed Route 55 has rekindled the established traditions of bureaucracies.

Following the completion of State Route 55 from Route 42 in Camden County to Port Elizabeth in Cumberland County in 1986, there have been numerous meetings and discussions about finishing Route 55 to have it link with the Garden State Parkway in Cape May County. 

Has the dream come true? That was the question asked in the Herald’s six-part series on Atlantic Cape Community College. In the view of the Cape Issues committee, the answer is, No. 

At the Oct. 7 meeting of the Cape Issues Committee, the subcommittee assigned to review the facts associated with the question of the Lower Township Municipal Utility Authority (LTMUA) dissolution gave the report of their findings as follows.

Freeholder Director Gerald Thornton and Freeholder Kristine Gabor want to make Cape May County residents aware of the impending deadline for county residents whose homes were insured by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

John Wilson of Wildwood Crest takes the position personal responsibility must play a part in the drug addiction problem in the county and nation.