Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I am usually submitting letters complaining about politics, but I would like to share an uplifting story.

Cape Hope was contacted about a family in Villas who experienced a fire. The Herald published a story about the family's needs. They still are seeking contractors, electricians, and plumbers to help repair their home, so they can move back in.

Please consider helping or donating if you can. With all that is going on, the family had a really simple request... they wanted to be able to take showers.

There are six family members. One daughter is in a wheelchair, so they needed a handicapped-accessible facility. We started contacting churches, schools, and gyms in the area.

Most had reasons why they could not accommodate the family's plea, except for the manager at Planet Fitness, in Rio Grande. Her name is Crystal Breitbach. She did not hesitate to offer her services to help this family.

She said name cards would be made up for each family member and they were welcome to come in any time to take showers that were able to handle a wheelchair.

What a blessing this woman is to our community. We were overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you, Crystal. You are a light in the world.

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