Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

It’s amazing how things can change after a single national election. A few years ago, we were energy independent for the first time since 1949. Now, we import oil again.  

Gas prices were under $2 a gallon. Now, with pipelines closed down and new federal regulations in effect, gas is approaching $4 a gallon while our energy handlers are hampered by foreign online crypto blackmail that our government has a hard time stopping. 

Back then, illegal crossings of our porous southern border were at a historic low. Now, after the current administration reversed the policy of the former administration, they’re at a historic high, and several states have sent their National Guard and other authorities to help with the crisis.  

Things are so bad that the current administration is thinking of reversing itself and re-adopting the “remain in Mexico” policy of the former administration. 

Our economy has changed radically. Unemployment, particularly minority unemployment, which was at a historic low, is now climbing. Wages, which were at historic highs, are dropping. Inflation, which was stagnant, is now growing at an alarming rate. 

Now, even our history and heritage are in question. Monuments to Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, Columbus, and other prominent historical figures once stood proudly in our parks. Now, they’ve been destroyed by riotous people who want to rewrite our history to reflect their own angry views. 

In our streets, crime rates that were below normal are now well above normal in many major cities. Amazingly, some of these cities are actually reducing their police forces and police budgets as crime continues to soar! 

A year ago, Afghanistan could control the Taliban with our help. Now, the Taliban has retaken control as our allies watch the fumbled evacuation in horror, wondering how any long-term political alliance with the fickle U.S. could possibly be worth the risk. As a direct result, our image and foreign policy are in ruins. 

A while ago, our children were taught to be proud of their country and heritage. Now, they’re being taught to be ashamed of their country and sometimes their heritage. In the classroom, they are rhetorically divided by a policy called “critical race theory,” into the “oppressors” and the “oppressed,” as if this will help our divided nation. 

One short year ago, the White House was questioned on every undertaking and our president accepted questions from any reporter. Now, our president rarely takes questions from reporters and reads his speeches word for word from a teleprompter on a fake set depicting the Oval Office. 

I am still proud of my country, but I’m very saddened by the disastrous direction it has taken in the past few months under the present administration. However, I have hope. 

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