Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

We’ve been hearing a lot lately - I mean a lot - about supply chain issues that will drastically affect our chances of receiving Christmas presents on time, and quite honestly, I find this exaggerated concern alarming.  

First of all, it is important to remember that a good portion of people in this country does not celebrate Christmas, but in truth, this goods shortage issue transcends holiday/holy day observances.  

Rather than fretting about being deprived of the “joy” of seeing mountains of gifts piled under a tree, we should instead focus on the real-life issue of basic deprivation. We may not all be Christians, but we certainly are all consumers. Forget Dec. 25, what about the working class who are unable to afford or even find the basic goods that their families need for survival?  

With increasing frequency, store shelves are standing empty, and the rampant inflation of today’s economy makes even food shopping a daily challenge for many. The hard-working backbone of this country are the ones often left pinching pennies and making do with what’s available for purchase. 

What about all the bleak Christmas messaging we have been bombarded with? I say it's about time! What an opportunity for us to reconnect with each other and to rediscover the pure joy and love that should surround the winter holidays no matter our divergent religious beliefs. 

What a time to help children experience the pure spirit of togetherness and the joy of embracing others whether they be family, friends, or strangers.  

How about we get our kids together and bake and decorate holiday cookies or cupcakes to be given as gifts? How about getting everyone in the family, i.e., grandparents, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters, to write a short paragraph or two about their favorite holiday memories? Someone in the group can gather these little musings and put them together to be given to all as a lasting remembrance of Christmas past.  

How about making a plan with your children to do something especially kind for someone other than themselves as a special holiday gesture? How about forming a kazoo band with friends and family and taking it to the streets for a lovely winter evening of caroling? How about organizing family and friends for “reindeer games” complete with homemade prizes? 

Let’s all stop with the doom and gloom. Let’s stop agonizing about unfulfilled wish lists and take advantage of this unique opportunity to nurture the joy and love for our family and friends that sometimes gets lost in the Black Friday specials, hustle and bustle, shop until you drop holiday nonsense. 

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