Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

I am appalled by the dirty tactics and negative flyers that the Democratic team has been sending to Cape May County residents, particularly senior citizens, to scare them against voting for the Republican team of Testa, McClellan, and Simonsen, who are good, honest family men.

These ads are paid for by the North Jersey political machine, and show the repulsive level they will stoop to attack their opponents' credibility. It is not the Republicans who have raised our taxes, but Gov. Murphy and the Democratic Legislature, which have held the majority votes in Trenton for years and are controlled by Norcross and Sweeney.

New Jersey has some of the highest taxes in the nation. It is also one of the worst states for businesses, according to a recent nationwide study by CNBC.

Corporations like Honeywell, Conagra's Pinnacle Foods, Hertz and Mercedes Benz have left for more friendly states and have taken their jobs with them. Volvo decided not to come based on our anti-business reputation. What this means for our residents is that these taxes will be passed down to us in various forms, like the rain tax, which Murphy wants to initiate.

The Democrats take shots at the Republican candidates because they want to hide the fact that they never accomplished the things that they had promised, like the extension of Route 55, which would help bring more prosperity to our area. You can thank Sen. Menendez and his Democratic cronies for stopping this one.

Millions have been taken from our school's budgets and given to the North Jersey schools. Our quality of education has been impacted.

Cape May County has the highest unemployment rate in the state and lower-than-average incomes in addition to a higher percentage of special education and homeless students. These facts are supposed to be weighted for allotting funding, but since students who must learn English are given extra weight, our students must be short-changed.

Cape May contributes over $554 million to Trenton from tourism revenue, but we received only $1 million in return. In contrast, Essex County sent $4 million in tourism dollars, and received $6 million back. What is wrong with this picture?

New Jersey is one of only eight states that allow abortions up until birth. Our state taxes pay for these abortions and Murphy and the Democrats generously gave millions more of our taxes to Planned Parenthood because President Trump took away their Title X funding. New Jersey is in the business of killing babies and this is a result of our Democratic leadership.

We must remember this when we go to the polls this November, and not let the Democratic machine take over our state by making it a sanctuary state. Look what is happening in California.