Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I'm writing this in response to a letter in the Oct. 21 Herald titled, "I'm Voting For..." 

The author states, in the first paragraph, that she is not voting for Trump, but for the First Amendment, and she goes on to list all the other reasons, including the Second Amendment, for our police to be respected, for the military and vets, for the continued support of Israel, and for a free country for her grandchildren. 

I understand that she is a Republican and probably has been for her entire life. I see all the reasons that she believes it is important for her to continue to vote Republican. 

I honestly can say that there are many of her reasons that I agree with. Certainly, the ones that I have listed above. 

There are exceptions, of course. I believe in my right to choose regarding my body. I am committed to my country and fly the American flag proudly in front of my home. 

I'm not a socialist nor a communist, and I would remind the author to look up Joseph McCarthy in 1950's America and all his abhorrent "communist" threats. It did not turn out too well then nor will it turn out any better in 2020.  

As far as judges and the Supreme Court, Republicans have had a field day for the last four years and, even as I write, will probably ram through another justice to the Supreme Court. 

I get how difficult it is now for Republicans in this altered universe we've lived in since 2016. Here's the thing, though. Saying you're not voting for Trump, but for all the reasons listed is sadly a lie because when you put the "x" next to Trump, you are voting for him.  

You're voting for a man who lied to us countless times in the last four years, who has separated children from their parents and over 400 parents can't be found for children in custody.  

You say you're voting for unborn babies. How about children? Are their lives less important because of the color of their skin? 

You're voting for a man who pays no taxes and continues to profit while the leader of our land. You're voting for a man who embarrassed our great country over and over again. He denigrates communist China while having a bank account there. 

He has zero empathy for the loss of young, Black lives and he continues to lie about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  

To the over 200,000 deaths from COVID-19, what do you say to their families about a leader who lied to the country because he didn't want us to panic? Really? 

The author thinks putting him in office for four more years will ensure all the reasons she listed in her letter. Sadly, the man has no plan for health care, to protect our environment, or to save countless more lives that will succumb to this pandemic. 

The Republican Party of today is not the GOP of John McCain, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan. Surely, you know that.  

It's why thousands of Republicans have already voted against him. They believe in the country first; and he will surely continue to destroy the Constitution, the rule of law, and the proud and honorable traditions of our beloved country. 

If you're attempting to save face by saying you're not voting for Trump, but for freedom of speech, etc., you're entering the dystopian country created four years ago. 

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