Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

The economic problems in South Jersey stem from, in most part, a lack of vision for the future. The future is now.

If our leadership continues to be ignored because we are fewer in the race for votes than North Jersey, we are doomed to be a “one-trick pony economy” – tourism – as our mainstay to survive economically.

We are located at a “gateway.” If only we could get local, state, and federal agencies to see the potential.

Extend Route 55 to the Garden State Parkway. We are entitled to that necessity.

Begin the process with the state and federal government to build the New Jersey-Delaware Bridge-Tunnel, just like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

How about building more canals and internal waterways in Wildwood to make it a “Venice in America” type community, and save a failing town? It is not impossible.

Restarting the communication with the Walt Disney Company should also be a consideration. Over two decades ago, a group I was promoting communicated with Disney management to bring an “East Coast” Disney World to Cape May County.

We have many of the attributes to make it successful. The location is better than France and China, which have not lived up to the hyped potential from when they were built.

Providing the canals, roadways, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure would be part of the overall deal, and as a tourist destination, we are ready to be the host.

President Trump wants to promote U.S. commerce and infrastructure. Let’s convince him to start it here in South Jersey.