Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

For years I have been an avid reader of Spout Off and the editorials and letters to the editor. I think they are special, and every community paper should have such sections.  

There seems to be a prevailing discussion that Spout Off is too politically based, especially in these times of great division. Some say it should be more community based. I have no problem with national political offerings, as Cape May County is a part of the U.S. Maybe people do not realize the impact. Our national political spouts reflect the detrimental division that exists.  

Given that many spouts and editorials exemplify the division, should the Herald take a position that may make it one-sided? What we have witnessed under Donald Trump, especially in recent months and to the present day, has been destructive to our democracy. We have clearly observed this, and we must see the truth as paramount. If our offerings are part of this negative division, should the Herald not take a position of reality and facts, with negative opinion less prevalent?  

Should the Herald not take a reality first position and discard spouts that, sorry to say, promote destructive behaviors and actions? Newspapers often endorse candidates, why not endorse a position that lessens the division? Is it reasonable to suppose that these sections, though not as divisive as Facebook and Twitter, may have a similar affect? 

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