Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I am a Republican and resident of Cape May County. I am once again disappointed and dismayed at the blind fealty of Congressman Jeff Van Drew to President Trump. He should well know that there was no significant irregularity in the recent election in any state.  

This is borne out by any rudimentary fact checking and in the results of the scores of court challenges offered by Trump's team, (All of which were summarily denied. All of them). If he doesn't know this, He should. He is either lazily derelict in his duty to investigate or he is cynically and criminally supporting this falsehood to curry favor with the Trump base. I fear it is the latter.  

The greater part of his constituency is made up of good, hardworking people (R's & D's) who do not have the time or inclination to investigate such matters. They are busy trying to feed their families and keep them safe from the surging pandemic.  

They, we, count on him. It is incumbent upon him to tell his constituents the truth. As Sen. Romney said, it is the duty and the burden of leadership. The responsibility for the recent riot at the capitol and the tragic loss of five lives rests with Trump and with all of those who perpetuated the myths and misled people to believe that their votes were not properly counted. This sadly includes Mr. Van Drew. The election fraud narrative is false.  

I believe that he knows it is false! Even after the tragedy he continued to advance this blatant falsehood by supporting the objection to the count. Are we as constituents not entitled to expect that he will uphold his oath of office at a minimum? This is not about defending against the Democratic "squad" or any jingoistic ramblings about the Democrats, socialism or China.  

This is about simple truth. This is between Mr. Van Drew and US, his constituents. This not who we are. I call on him to do the right thing and resign.  

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