Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Don’t blame Donald Trump. He’s just a man who understands human emotions and is willing to do anything to exploit them for his benefit.

It’s human nature to want a leader to save us, especially when times are tough and events are confusing. We look for someone with simple answers to our complex problems. Unscrupulous individuals have always taken advantage of that need.

“Trumpism” is a just a new name for something that is not new. Benito Mussolini, the first successful fascist dictator of the 20th century, understood this very well. He used the fear of socialism, civil unrest, and the threat of violence to gain power. Sound familiar?

What do you know about the Mueller report? If you believe Trump was “totally exonerated,” you didn’t read the report. You believed what you were told about the report because it was what you wanted to believe.

Trump knew that if you read anything, it would be Bill Barr’s four-page summary, not the 700-plus page report and appendices, which did not exonerate Donald Trump.

He was not indicted for obstruction of justice for the reason that it is against Justice Department policy to indict a sitting president. In our system of “checks and balances” that would have placed too much power in a single department.

The Constitution places the power of impeachment and removal in the Congress. The fact that Congress failed to do that, does not mean he did not deserve it.

Did you watch the impeachment hearings? If you did, you know that Trump’s defenders spent all their time attacking the process without introducing a single shred of exculpatory evidence.

Plenty of evidence was introduced from credible witnesses to prove the charge of abuse of power. You think everyone under oath was lying except Donald Trump in his tweets?

When Bill Clinton was subpoenaed for a deposition under oath in the Paula Jones civil suit, at least he showed up. Donald Trump withheld documents and ordered witnesses not to appear.

Since he knows that a sitting president cannot be indicted for a federal crime while in office, Trump has an incentive to do everything he can to undermine trust in our election and try to stay in office.

Vladimir Putin is happy to help him again. If you are on social media, look forward to receiving bots from Russian troll farms that look like they come from credible American sources. If they stimulate fear and suspicion in your heart, it’s working.

The dying of America’s constitutional republic will be more like a suicide than a murder. The tragedy is that those committing the crime see themselves as patriots.

You might forgive them for not knowing what they do, but the result will be the same as if it were willful intent: the end of the balance of powers created in our Constitution, the rule of law, and the principal that no man is above it, not even a president.

If you want to find the truth, “follow the money.” Why do you think that Donald Trump has fought so hard not to do what other presidential candidates have done and made his tax returns public? Why doesn’t he want you to know where his money comes from?

A man who has nothing to fear, has nothing to hide. If you make excuses for him, you must fear the truth as much as he does.

ED. NOTE: This letter was submitted after deadline for the Oct. 28 edition of the Herald and is running online only.

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