Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

A letter writer made a point of insulting the entire state regarding his feelings of how and why he wants to leave New Jersey. He makes a point of accusing New Jersey of being a socialist state and seems to feel that New Jersey doesn’t follow the Constitution of the U.S.  

In response to these comments, he’s moving and is shedding tears of joy as he leaves this state.   

He continues saying he's moving because our police are issued utility vehicles, which he seems to believe they don’t need, and they cost more. He also doesn’t like the flashing lights they carry.  

He complains that the budgets of our police departments (probably also fire departments and hospitals) are out of line, considering what he believes is needed.  

He objects to thermal imaging for safety, homeland security, anti-viral HVAC systems, touchless documents, and screening procedures that we now use to keep us all safe, and a whole host of other complaints, including property taxes.  

It’s interesting that he says he's moving to a place that doesn’t have or support any of the above items. He seems to feel that this is a far better place because it lacks all of the above and more, and it won’t cost him money.  

He also believes that the COVID-19 problem will be cured by ‘herd immunity.’ He also comments that a vaccine will be worse than the disease and cost billions of dollars (his conclusion).   

He concludes that he’s moving to a state that has lower taxes, more individual freedoms, and where elected officials actually talk to the citizens that put them in office.  

I wish him ‘good luck’ and remind him that it’s New Jersey that allowed him to earn a living, kept him safe, and provided his kids with a great education for all of these years.  

Also, our medical and hospital outlets are second to none. We house and offer great elementary, high school, and college education to those who wish to take part in it and at a reasonable cost compared to other states.  

New Jersey schools are second to none in this nation, according to recent statistics.  

New Jersey is a great place to live and raise a family. There is usually a large number of opportunities to work and make a very good living, as compared to other places.  

There will be tears of joy shed by the people of New Jersey when he leaves. Goodbye and good riddance.  

New Jersey doesn’t need people that bad mouth the state that has supported them for years with job opportunities, medical and educational opportunities, and opportunities to make a good living in a safe environment for a family.  

Enjoy your new home and your lower taxes, and if you need a cop or fireman, maybe, if you’re lucky, one will show up on a bicycle at some point.  

In comparison to so many other places my wife and I have visited, New Jersey is the best nest and is where our home will always be.  

I was born and raised in New Jersey and a product of over four generations of New Jersey's finest. 

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