Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

In the past, I have observed that it is not the voters, but those who don't vote who are responsible for the outcome.

I'm no longer so sure about anything political. With each successive election, our nation moves further away from all that was intended by our founders.

Most would not do such a thing intentionally, they are simply manipulated by some very hypocritical people - people whose main interests in politics are for their gain; however, I digress. I want to speak to a few of the players in good, old Middle Township.

Though I no longer have any desire to waste my precious time, I had been involved in the community for many years.

I often attended meetings of the county freeholders, Board of Education, Zoning and Planning boards. I was a regular at Middle Township Committee meetings.

I was founder and first president of the Middle Township Taxpayers Association. At this moment, I can sense all the moaning from those who are tired of hearing all this. Let me assure you, none are more tired than myself for having to say these things over and over.

Still, I feel there are good people for which I'd like to establish my credibility. I am not a crackpot partisan, venting after a loss for my party.

I am a concerned individual who has seen a good man belittled by men I consider to represent much of what is wrong in politics. They are among the very people appointed by the nepotism that has embarrassed our county through our freeholders.

Michael Clark, Tim Donohue, and Dan Lockwood have all sat on committee. All three came into our community government with nonpolitical vocations.

Donohue and Lockwood were in various endeavors, while Clark was well established in management at a local bank. Today, Donohue and Lockwood have good-paying, politically appointed jobs.

Both started near the top, though neither had any prior service to the county. Clark has continued to move up the ladder in the same banking institution he has been part of for many years.

I believe the political motivations of these men are well evidenced in this brief narrative.

Still, while these things are certainly known to most in the community, partisanship causes many to ignore such truths. Honestly, I have no comprehension of this phenomenon - good people putting a political organization over the best interests of all around them.

The manipulative purpose of those they follow is easier understood. Unfortunately, it's not limited to our area. It has become a national crisis.

Once more, I apologize for drifting off subject. I'm old is my best excuse. The main point of this letter is to make my sentiments known for these two politicos who came together during a campaign in an orchestrated effort to attack Clark.

While Clark and I have often differed, I have always admired his integrity. It is quite refreshing in the political arena. I am grateful to Clark for the nonpartisan civility he instilled at many meetings I attended.

Unfortunately, both parties ran disgraceful, negative campaigns. Soon, the only people who would run will be those needing political patronage positions.

These are folks unable to achieve personal success. Then, through political connections, they are given large salaries, footed by the taxpayers and put in charge of our communities and services.

Again, I want to thank Clark for his genuine involvement in our community. Many good folks of the township hope he will resurface real soon.