Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

So much to work with whenever Chris Christie opens his mouth. I find hypocrisy in his criticism of Gov. Murphy’s Italy vacation.  

I’ll paraphrase: “Christie is sitting here in New Jersey, while the governor is in Italy shows how seriously he takes his job.” This comes from Christie, who spent 409 days out of state running for president and still got paid his salary.  

He showed us what he was serious about. That’s more than a year.  

His security detail cost New Jersey close to $3 million. We should remember his 64 discounted helicopter rides, many to political events and his son’s baseball games.  

It cost $2,500 an hour for those flights. He paid $1,232 and $919, respectively, for two of them. He claims he reimbursed the state, but at what cost?  

Jack Ciattarelli should reject Christie’s advice. Chris has always been out for himself. To Christie, I say, “Sit down and shut up.” 

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