Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Because of our nation's critical divisiveness, I'm tempering my approach to our political differences. Though I would defend my concerns were for my community, not some wide-eyed political ideology, I do not want to appear to be in concert with the extremists who are undermining our national sovereignty.

A recent letter writer implied revolution as a response to restrictions placed for the unvaccinated. I agree one should not be forced to be vaccinated, but they have to accept the consequences. You cannot be forced to bathe, but my family won't allow you to break bread at our table if you don't.

The essence of democracy is majority rule. Unfortunately, we are permitting the extremists to take control as though they are the majority. While many are well intended, they are a bit misguided by others whose intentions are not so honorable.

Along with that letter are the posts on social media, alluding to an armed revolt. They do not even consider that a majority of the brave men and women of our military and police will be their targets. Regardless of their sentiments, they will honor their oath. These extremists are, at best, delusional. Many have been manipulated to this posture.

We must get back to basics. As we call for term limits, we can't vote for the same people over and over. The extremists are instruments of these professional politicians we keep in office.

At times, I have recommended candidates and have this year, as well. Many times, I have said if they're in, vote them out. It could be that simple to begin the healing of our once-great nation.

If you can't abide by the above notion, give your AK47 a hug, then put it away. Educate yourself on the issues and the candidates. Begin overthrowing our government at the polls, just as our forefathers intended.

We are still the greatest nation in the world. Let's stop acting like a third-world country. I know that term is thought to be outdated and offensive, I'm just not so easily offended as some want you to believe.

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