Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

The upcoming election is not a one-issue situation. There is a great deal at stake. Our democracy for one.  

I am against abortion and would love for abortion on demand to end, but there are several other problems that can't be ignored. I am against racism and white supremacists, which is listed as the number one terrorist group in the U.S. today.  

I am against the harsh treatment of immigrants. Both sets of my great grandparents came from other countries to escape starvation and dictatorships. America is made up of immigrants.  

I am against giving everyone a gun who wants one. There need to be universal background checks to protect us.  

I am against 200,000-plus people dying from a virus that could have been contained long ago if protocols were followed.  

I am against punishing peaceful protestors.  

I am against taking away Obamacare and putting 21 million Americans at risk, with no health insurance plan. We are still dealing with COVID-19.  

I am against lowering pollution standards and causing substantial harm to our environment. I am against withdrawing from the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization.  

No candidate can 100% do what we want, but one candidate is addressing more of these problems than the other. I am going to take a stand and support the oppressed and victimized people that are struggling in the U.S. right now.  

Rev. Al Sharpton and Pastor Doug Pagitt wrote an article for Time Magazine titled, "Why White Christians Should Vote Against Trump in 2020."  

Some Christians are ignoring Trump's "shortcomings" and are focusing on the abortion issue, but at what cost? They seem to think it is okay to use him to get what they want and ignore all the other problems that are going on.  

These problems will continue to get worse. Biden said we are fighting to save the soul of this nation. I agree.  

Christian friends are saying that God is working through Trump. Well, just think of all God can do through Biden. Nothing is impossible with God.  

I ask you to pray and think about how much good you can do with your one vote, how many people's lives you can affect and improve upon, and how you can help your neighbors.  

Abortion is not the only important issue here. There is a lot more at stake. 

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