Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I have been trying for three months to receive my unemployment compensation and am owed over $9,000. I am sure there are many more in the same boat.  

The state Department of Labor will not answer their phone, as the message says the voice mailbox has not been set up. After spending hours, days, and weeks trying to get through, I am told that they have to contact a “specialist” group that nobody can contact, and this group does not have to answer to anybody.  

Although I verify every week, I was told the problem is that there was an error in my voice certification. The only thing is I don’t certify by voice, only the computer.  

They haven’t addressed this problem for three months and there is nobody to address this issue to. I have contacted the governor's office but just got a form letter saying to go onto the Department of Labor website, but nobody to contact or speak to.  

I have contacted the First District legislator. All I am told is that there is nothing they can do except for me to wait my turn.  

I have been waiting for three months. The state doesn’t realize the burden they have put people into. I have no money, no job, and have bill collectors calling every day. They don’t want to hear about having to wait.  

The Department of Labor and Gov. Murphy should be ashamed as to how we are being treated, and this is such a government mess.  

I would declare personal bankruptcy but have no money to pay a bankruptcy lawyer. They have had six months to figure this out and I don’t buy the COVID-19 excuses anymore.  

I am so frustrated and there is no place to turn to. There is no Department of Labor or local unemployment offices to go to.  

If, by chance, after spending hours, days, and weeks trying to get through on the phone, the agents just say they will send a form to the secret “specialists” that nobody can speak to and they can’t get a reply.  

I think there is a big story here that needs to be fully explored and exposed, as it is effectively destroying people’s lives. 

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