Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Whether you're a Republican or Democrat, whether you support President Trump or urge his impeachment, as an American it is your civic duty to be knowledgeable of the basic facts contained in the Mueller report.

Parroting phrases like "no collusion, no obstruction" or "impeach him now" without reading the report is just a symptom of the current state of the political ignorance of the American people.

Citizens of this nation should make informed decisions on where they stand based on facts, not political affiliation or predetermined biases.

OK, I get it, the Mueller report is 438 pages, filled with legalese that is hard to understand. Expecting people to read the entire report isn't realistic.

Most of Congress probably hasn't even read it. Fortunately, there's a solution to this that will take less than an hour.

Go online, google "Mueller Report-Department of Justice" and pull up the PDF version of the report on your computer. It is broken down into Volume I (Russian Collusion/Conspiracy) and Volume II (Obstruction of Justice).

First, go to Volume I, and read the Executive Summary, pages 4-10. This should inform you whether there was legal evidence of conspiracy.

Next, go to Volume II, and read pages 1-8. This will inform you of whether there is or is not evidence that President Trump took actions to obstruct justice.

That's it, just 15 pages. Even lazy people can read 15 pages.

After reading this information, you'll be able to discuss this serious matter of historic proportions with informed knowledge and intelligence instead of just regurgitating talking points, many of which have no basis in fact.

While you're reading, please do so with an open mind. Be willing to change your opinion. The future of our nation may depend on it.