Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

The divisiveness in this nation is palpable, even for those who employ what I like to refer to as “The Ostrich” - keeping your head in the sand while avoiding all news outlets.  

Because of the current climate, I have kept my political affiliation to myself and plan to share it when I cast my vote Nov. 3.  

It doesn't offend my sensibilities, though, when I drive past homes displaying political signage declaring undying loyalty for the other party. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. That is the beauty of diversity.  

It offends me, however, when I drive past a small business displaying political signage. Multiple signs. A small business where I have been a loyal customer for years, where I have spent my hard-earned money, which helped keep that small business afloat.  

To say that I was furious at seeing this is an understatement. In declaring their political affiliation, this small business has forever alienated me, and has lost my business.  

Yes, I asked myself if my reaction and response would have been the same if our political affiliation was in alignment. The answer is no.  

This is even more reason to keep politics out of your place of business, as it will invariably alienate someone.

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