Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I begin by extending my thanks to certain members of the Republican Party. Those who continue to advocate a common-sense conservatism while conducting themselves with a sense of decorum. Those who have repudiated Donald Trump, his behavior, and his attempts to overturn an election he has convincingly lost both in the Electoral College and by the popular vote; regardless of whether your conversion occurred before or after the election. Whether you choose to stay or leave the GOP, I would welcome dialogue with you because I know it would be a civil and productive conversation on public policy and related matters. We will have more in common than many people who believe they know me, really know how I think. We may not always agree, but in such cases, we would cordially agree to disagree. 

If you choose to stay in the GOP and try to change its culture, you have a formidable task. It is now Trump’s Party, and you are now outsiders. If you choose to leave, I would be fascinated having discussions combining moderate views from both the Republican and Democratic Parties within the context of some sort of alternative organization. I don’t know to where it would lead but it would be fun. Again, we may sometimes have to agree to disagree. 

 If you choose to remain in Donald Trump’s party, know that yours is the party of the Proud Boys, QAnon, conspiracy theorists, the KKK and other white supremacists, wannabe kidnappers and armed militias; including that violent mob which attempted to overthrow the Federal Government on January 6, 2021.  

 May God bless our incoming President, Vice President, their administration, and all public officials of good will in all levels of government. May God Bless all members of our Military, Public Safety officers, first responders, and our health care workers, all performing heroic duties. May God Bless America and help us restore the greatness of our Nation. 

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