Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I want to applaud Congressman Van Drew for having the courage to vote against certifying the Electoral College results.   

Millions of Americans, myself included, have legitimate questions and concerns regarding the election that deserve to be answered regardless of whether the outcome remains the same.    

Why were Democrat governors, particularly in swing states, like Pennsylvania, allowed to change election laws with the stroke of a pen rather than going through the Legislature, as is required by their state constitutions?  

What are Democrats afraid of the public seeing by having an open and transparent investigation into these allegations of voter fraud? How does a man who, in my opinion, cannot put two sentences together cohesively and seems to hide in his basement most of the year get elected with a record number of votes?  

Gov. Phil Murphy may want to dismiss us as crackpot conspiracy theorists, but we are not stupid. In fact, I have multiple master’s degrees, obtained through delivering evidence-based and objective responses, and expect our representatives to be more like Van Drew and take our concerns seriously.   

I am so disgusted and afraid of what is in store for the country our children will inherit that I will never vote for a Democrat or anyone else who did not stand with Van Drew to support our president.  

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