Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

In a recent letter to the editor (“Eradicate Abortion,” May 1), it didn’t take the writer very long to get to the real point behind her moral indignation – politics. “… being a Christian Democrat appears to be an oxymoron,” she asserted. Then she went on to call out our current Democratic state representatives by name as pro-abortion, and by inference, therefore, not good Christians.

The writer obviously wants to convince us not to vote for Democrats, especially not for the individual Democrats she names, and she is using the abortion issue to do it. And, when the letter writer said that Democrats can’t be Christians, what she was really saying is they are not her kind of Christian.

Reverend B. Taylor, professor of religion at Piedmont College in Georgia, put it bluntly: “Beware those who claim to know the will of God and are prepared to use force to make others conform.”

Many other good Christians do not support this writer’s view of abortion, nor do very many good, moral Americans of various faiths and creeds. As Americans, we don’t force our religious beliefs on others, because we don’t want anyone forcing their beliefs on us. This is why we have an anti-establishment of religion clause in our Constitution.

No one is pro-abortion and everyone is pro-life. Those who assert otherwise are simply inflaming the debate for political gain. Abortion is not and should not be a political issue; it’s a personal issue between a woman, her doctor and her conscience.

Readers should be assured, then, that they can still vote for Democrats and be good Christians, and good Americans, too.