Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

U.S. Sen. Everett Dirksen once quipped, "A billion here, a billion there, sooner or later it adds up to real money."   

We are now talking about spending another trillion, a number incomprehensible to most of us, but without debating politics or economics, let's put it in perspective. 

If we spent a trillion dollars on building and/or improving housing in this country, we could build five million homes for $200,000 each or do $100,000 in energy-saving improvements for roofing, windows, HVAC, insulation, and appliances to 10 million existing housing units. 

This would go a long way in solving homelessness and housing insecurity while providing jobs and economic stimulus. It would also create tangible assets in building new homes or improving old ones. 

I will leave it to the sociologists to determine the impact on society of such a program, but as a member of society, I believe this kind of spending would go a long way in making this a better place to live for all. 

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