Letters to the Editor 2019

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Yellow Cab of Wildwood in Cape May County has been off the road since March 17, 2020, so as not to cause any harm to local residents. This step was taken to protect our loyal customers along with our drivers to keep everyone safe. However, we have been working on ways to provide extra safety by installing a plexiglass divider in our taxi to separate close contact between the driver and rider. We have also instituted the follow precautions: we will now be opening back up, taking credit cards and exact change. To prevent possible contamination, our taxis will also be disinfected after every trip. We at Yellow Cab want all our residents to be safe and healthy while we take every precaution to provide a safe environment. Any customers who wish to order a Taxi for pickup can contact us by phone to setup a time and place, with the assurance that we have taken every step towards safety. Our drivers and customers will be required to still wear protective masks, but we are limiting close contact at all times. Cape May County has been the home of Yellow Cab for almost 60 years and will continue services with the upmost care throughout the county.