Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Are we healthy as a country? Pandemic-wise, yes, and politically, no.

There is a test pattern with the former president and his people. Specifically, Steve Bannon, as well as three others. They were ordered to be defiant, disregard the laws, also disregard subpoenas, and more via Donald Trump.

Should the Dems not challenge these moves, then democracy will fail. What used to be the Republican Party is no more. We've half failed. Remember, Mr. Trump has lost the presidential election, as well as both houses and the state of Georgia.

Now, let's look at what's called the “big lie.” This is a challenge that the election was stolen. Answer: 60 courts said no. Isn't that a solution? By American standards, I think so.

Why do people like Giuliani, Roger Stone, Eastman, Carlson, McCarthy, Bannon, and Pence do what they do?

Warning - if the Dems don't strengthen along with the American people, then we lose our country. We can and will become a banana republic. Allow me to say this: Would President Eisenhower or Harry Truman tolerate this stuff, which are tests? No way in hell!

Reminder - the man who helped win World War II and the man who dropped the atomic bomb would never tolerate this stuff, especially Jan. 6, 2021. Nor would Robert Kennedy, who was an attorney general.

Mr. Trump has an arsenal of big lies. I do believe Trump is not a patriot. Why? “Take back our country again.” From whom? He who almost ruined our country? What did he do? Build a wall, raise the debt, withdraw from NATO, play with Putin and Kim Jon Un, pardon criminals, lose elections such as the presidency, both houses, and two Georgia Senate seats?

Integrity, honesty, courage, and these types of words are lacking. Example: Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) once accused Trump of starting an insurrection Jan. 6, 2021. Now, on Oct. 6, 2021, he endorsed Trump and vice-versa and said Trump was a “good man” again. In my opinion, he’s incompetent and an old bugger.

Another Senator like Ted Cruz (R-TX) had once told Trump to not insult his wife (Heidi) or accuse his father of killing JFK. Afterward, he sidled up to Trump like a coward and joined Trump as a disgusting little fella. 

Furthermore - were we to look at what can happen to our Democratic country should we continue this way, try this: The 20th century had an authoritarian rule, such as Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini. The 21st century had the Philippians, Turkey, Chile, China, Russia, and Hungary.

Trump is an authoritarian wannabe. Weren't we run comfortably for 240 years? We now have about 50% of our country looking to go their way with authoritarian leadership. Remember this – “trumpery” in the French language means misinformation.

Final comment - I hope and pray that our country, both the committees, the DOJ, and Congress gets tough. If not, we will allow the renegades, who think like Neanderthals, to challenge our country.

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