Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Some people elected Donald Trump because they thought the government should be run like a business, but I don’t think they were prepared for the kind of business this guy had in mind.   

Donald Trump is not so much heading an administration, as running a criminal enterprise. Consider these facts: Six of this aptly named Don’s close associates, including his personal lawyer, campaign manager, and chief of staff were found guilty of crimes and served, or are still serving, time. 

His foundation was forced to disband and fined $2 million for misusing funds raised to help veterans. His son, Don Jr., is barred from participating in charity work, in New York. Don Sr. was assessed a $23 million settlement for defrauding students of his bogus Trump University.  

When caught in the act, he does what most do: he hollers that the cops are crooked and the district attorney is out to get him. 

Now, he says he’s the law and order guy and asks us to elect him to save us from the mobs who want to turn our country into Venezuela, or worse, Canada.  

None of this is fake news and no one is picking on the president. It is all a matter of public record, just like the vile things Trump said about the handicapped, gold star families, military heroes, scientists, and medical experts.  

Don’t let him make you an offer you can’t refuse. Ask yourself is this really the kind of man you want to be your president. 

Local voters would be wise to steer clear of Jeff Van Drew. The price for his admittance into Trump’s ring was his betrayal of all those, including myself, who supported him from freeholder to assemblyman to state senator and finally Congress.  

If Republicans think that after running against them for decades that he is now one of them, they should think twice. 

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