Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

As we adjust to our new realities during this pandemic, we must soon turn our attention to the New Jersey primary election on July 7th. One of the most important decisions for Democrats in South Jersey lies in electing our candidate for the US House of Representatives in the 2nd congressional district currently occupied by Jeff Van Drew.

I am excited to cast my vote for Will Cunningham. I have met Will on a number of occasions, and am impressed by his grace and intelligence. A graduate of Brown University and UT-Austin School of Law, Will has worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Cory Booker and Representative Elijah Cummings.

As a Democrat, I share many of Will’s views. I am especially concerned about the country’s gun crisis, and agree with Will’s stance that we must find ways to end gun violence, while protecting 2nd Amendment rights. He intends to stand up to the gun lobby and bring us sensible national gun legislation including universal background checks and closing the gun show loophole.

I encourage all to learn more about Will by visiting his web site at www.willforsouthjersey.com. Reach out to your county clerk and apply to vote by mail for the July 7th primary. We need a voice of reason in Washington! We need Will Cunningham to represent us!