Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Things are happening in America today. Things the world has seen before. Things America doesn't need. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, as an American, you should be concerned... greatly concerned. 

Many times, I have written here, expressing my concerns for events unfolding in government and for our nation's future. With each passing day, my concern grows greater, as should yours.  

Take a moment to detach yourself from the current emotion and political party mindset and look at events objectively. I hope you will see what is taking place, as I do.  

For many years now, government encroached upon our civil liberties and subverted the power of the people. As I have said many times before, government is ruled by the people. The people are not ruled by government... If we lose sight of that basic concept, our government becomes a dictatorship, a tyranny. 

The assault by government upon us, the people, is increasing at an alarming rate. If you don't believe me, open your eyes and see for yourself.  

Censorship of speech and expression is at an all-time high. Major manufacturers who spoke out in support of former President Trump are having their products pulled from store shelves simply because they voiced an opinion contrary to the "official narrative," as one politician called it.  

That term alone, "official narrative," should scare the socks off any of us. Expressing a dissenting opinion is no longer a constitutional First Amendment right. It is grounds for the government to declare you a domestic terrorist.  

We are all aware of what happened in Washington Jan. 6. I am not going to address the rioting, but rather the action of the House and Senate and what happened following the riots.  

Somewhere between 130 and 140 senators and congressmen objected to the Electoral College votes of various states. Right or wrong in their position, this is their right and duty under the law and the Constitution. It has been done before.  

They have the lawful authority under the Constitution to object if they believe there is reason to. Misguided or not, they did their lawful duty.  

Now, those who opposed their objection want these elected officials removed and expelled from office, citing a clause in the 14th Amendment about insurrection.  

They are claiming that because these individuals exercised their constitutional authority, they incited and committed insurrection. This is very dangerous ground for our nation to be treading.  

You do your lawful duty, but because it is contrary to the "official narrative," you are an insurrectionist? I think one songwriter said it right when he penned the words "tap-dancing on a land mine."  

I suggest we all look at history. Do some research into Germany during the 1930s. Study the political and social issues of that time. We all know Germany in the 1940s.  

What is taking place in America today is exactly what took place then. We all know how that ended. It will end the same way here if we do not prevent it.  

People forget that Hitler and his party were elected to power. Once they had a controlling majority, they changed everything. It can happen here, up to and including repealing and replacing the Constitution.  

My friends, it is time for American citizens to do a reality check. Our government is not of, by and, for the people. This government has an agenda and the welfare of the people is no longer on it. Divide and conquer from within. 

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