Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

What are we teaching our children? Children listen to everything that happens around them. They quietly, in most cases, absorb this information and employ it, as needed.  

They learn almost everything in this manner. Keeping this in mind, let’s look at what they’ve learned recently. 

Our children have been exposed to our current president’s lies by his own admission, regarding the lies he told all Americans publicly concerning this virus, while on TV.  

He said it was for our own good that we didn’t know the truth because we might be frightened. In the meantime, we’ve watched over 250,000 Americans die because they believed him. That’s frightening.  

Lesson number one: don’t lie. People who believe the lie might die because they believed you. That’s exactly what happened. They’ve also watched the death toll increase each day.  

Americans are generally not frightened of almost anything and they believed the lies he told on TV to all Americans because he was the president. This is the most serious lie because it has caused those people who believed in him to ignore the medical direction and information. 

During the last few days, our kids have been treated to new lies regarding a Supreme Court nominee. A woman judge was offered the nomination because her past rulings or decisions have indicated her preference and ability to demonstrate her authority, through the harsh decisions she’s made in the past, in a lower court.  

It’s also very interesting that she would accept this offer after the judge that has died has asked in her almost last breath that she not be replaced until a new president is chosen by the people and therefore her lifetime position on the court would also be chosen by the people and their choice of president. 

The likely reason for this appointment to the Supreme Court is that our president will probably question the outcome of the election if he loses and ask the court to rule on the results of this coming election.  

The presidency has always been a goal for our children, however, that’s no longer the case because of this current president. We seem to be teaching our children, through this president’s behavior, that all the horrible things that they witness on TV regarding his presidency are OK. They're not. God bless America. 

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