Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Publisher Art Hall’s remarkable ability to relate the current ominous situation with Communist China’s efforts to dominate the world and warning that “as history repeats itself,” the complacency that permitted the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazis must not be repeated during China’s moves now.

Other opinions that refuse to accept anything done by President Donald Trump as not “worthy” and “necessary” to protect our nation and world democracy fail to understand what is at stake.

Each recent move by our government to call for China to account for the decades of outrageous rogue behavior finally recognizes they are an incredible threat worldwide.

Canada is poised to sign onto the U.S. Mexico Canada trade agreement (USMCA) crafted by the Trump Administration, and soon other trade deals with Japan, India and other important nations will occur.

These deals and U.S. stance on Iran is having a tremendous impact on worldwide diplomacy and investment. As nations in Europe are seeking more autonomy, this strengthens the nation's “unilateral” – nation on nation – diplomacy approach that is viewed as successful.

Maybe the stock market jitters and concern about no China trade deal and new tariffs is the short-term pain for long-term gain. America is on the right track after too many decades of the “head in the sand” mentality.