Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

A coalition of several businesses in New Jersey has called for a Cap-and-Trade program across the Mid-Atlantic States, citing an article March 14, NJSpotlight.com.

The initiative will be structured by the recent renewal of another gas/electric RGGI tax. The Transportation and Climate Initiative Company (TCI) proposes another RGGI that equals a Cap-and-Trade tax. RGGI is a government regulation taxing a commodity to reduce usage.

The TCI mission plan statement attempts to illustrate clean safe affordable transportation options while promoting economic opportunity, strengthen communities and minimize environmental impacts.

I think individual families need to thoroughly evaluate that potential plan negatives.

As taxpayers, have we ever wondered why our elected, anointed by our votes, consistently dismiss their fiduciary oversight responsibilities too easily?

The point being, are programs solved or maintained with taxes?

Once established, every year approved programs demand increased revenues, while justifying those increases as the solution.

March 14, 2020, the Transportation and Climate Initiative (Consulting Corp.): referenced in NJSpotlight.com: proposed an outline as too how the government will redesign our environmental community and workplace. Their flawed concept requires another fuel tax for the 12 states of the Mid-Atlantic region to develop “green communities.” Formerly known as Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030.com.

The TCI plan believes one's home location, size, shopping areas, vehicle type and work locations should be pre-determined. That explanation should be enlightening on just how they will locate our job in the community where we live. Making our region cleaner with more efficient transportation, light rail and –trolleys.

Go to TCI website for information, read the litany of descriptive platitudes, in their mission statement.

Legislators continually overlook annual increases of taxes, but attentively absorb proposed happy talk of planned spending on new suggestions and programs.

A prime example is the TCI concept which is part and parcel of several existing state department obligations? Those state departments include Transportation, Environmental Protection, Community Affairs, Office of Planning Advocacy, Planning and Zoning. 

Why would Trenton consider hiring an agency to duplicate the existing state department(s) responsibilities?

In case anyone missed it, that 7/15-cent-per-gallon tax will supposedly decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) and solve those lethargic departments?  They never demand lowered CO2 readings.

 This is an unfortunate example of how legislators consider a “new” tax and another regulation to solve a problem already staffed and paid state government agencies to address?

The “green cabal” of subsidized (tax dollars) companies, professors and politicians which include the scientific community of actors and musicians never address major international communities that disregard enforcement for child labor laws, have no existing air, water, vehicle emission regulations and lacking environmental law and regulations for trash / recycle programs.

Only the United States appears to have the problem of continued reason that only we must be committed to saving the Planet.

Einstein said it perfectly; “The difference between genius and stupidity, genius has its limits.”