Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

Almost 50 years ago, I distinctly recall watching the U.S. retreat from Vietnam on TV. As a young man approaching adulthood, I also recall how disturbing it was to watch that self-inflicted wound to America's pride. It left a lasting stain.  

Just yesterday, true to form, the timeless adage that history repeats itself came back to haunt. We haven't learned a thing! 

Once again, we, Americans, are watching bad decisions made by our elected officials cost the lives of our brave military, as well as the severe damage to our worldwide status as a country that keeps its word to our troops and allies. 

Quite simply, our commander in chief made a very bad decision. He had to know the hasty retreat would not end well. He had to know he was placing our troops at increased risk. His surrounding "leadership" and "advisors" had to know better, but we are told there was little dissent from them.  

One thing is certain, to me at least! President Biden does not represent true American values! He is clearly out of touch with most clear-thinking Americans. I strongly suggest that he is not really in charge.  

It remains to be seen how the coming days will play out. As the headline of this letter suggests, the lyrics of the Led Zeppelin song by the same title, it's beyond chilling. 

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