Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

What is this Invisible Monster that has invaded the World? Where did it really come from? Why is it so mean? It has disrupted everyone's once "Normal Life.”

They gave it a name, coronavirus, (COVID-19).

19 Facts:  Fear, Gloves, Masks, Keeping Distance, No Handshakes, No Hugs, Laid off from Jobs, Food Shortage, Schools Closed, No Proms, No Graduations, Confinement (Self Quarantine), Anxiety, Stress, Sickness, Lack of knowledge, Lack of Medication, Death & Grief. This name (COVID-19) will live in our Minds Forever.

The loss of many many Loved Ones, Mass Burials, so very sad. This Invisible Monster makes us all very mad. It's like fighting a war without weapons. We can't see the future but we do know we have to be better prepared for the next Medical War we may have to face.

Stop quibbling about the unimportant and concentrate on Medical Technology and Preparedness for the survival of the upcoming Youth of the World.