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To the Editor: 

I am very concerned with current trends sweeping the nation. It is time to return to the very foundation of law and decency. This means three branches of government that provide checks and balances to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government. 

All our constitutional amendments must be protected, including the right of free speech, the right to petition government (without the threat of government retaliation), and the right to own firearms to protect family and property. 

I support law enforcement and equitable funding for legal functions of protecting the public, but do we really need a militarized force of tanks, assault weapons that are better suited for military and not city streets, special weapons and tactics uniforms that intimidate the public, rather than reassure?  

Do police really need to be driving huge sport utility vehicles with high-intensity headlights that blind the oncoming traffic? How many accidents has this caused and what do police reports indicate?  

Police vehicles with blacked-out, tinted windows, flashing LED lights on the roof and sides of the vehicle - does this reassure the public they are here to serve, or does it indicate an invading force with a “take no prisoners” attitude? 

It's time to consolidate our police forces, eliminate the bells and whistles and retrain the police of their primary function “to serve, protect, and respect" the public.  

Do our police really need a huge budget for a “bogey man" invasion that never happens? We can cut our law enforcement budget, and still have excellent service, and save precious tax dollars. 

Homeland security is important, but do we really need thermal imaging machines to take our temperatures, ultraviolet light filtration systems, advanced anti-viral HVAC filtration systems, touchless document and screening procedures, and artificial intelligence monitoring for social distancing and surface contamination at airports?  

At what cost have we undertaken these proposals that our government will enact? Multiple billions when our nation is bankrupt, but at a huge cost to personal liberty when Big Brother silently intones, “Do what we say. It's for your protection. Question nothing, citizen Q” or else is the unspoken implication. 

By the time this is accomplished, COVID-19 will be a distant memory, cured hopefully by herd immunity or a safe, effective vaccine.  

Any COVID-19 vaccine must be proven safe and effective, with no side effects of the cure being worse than the disease. A good litmus test would be for our public officials to take the cure and check for side effects.  

Government has grown too big, too fast. It appears our nation has become entangled with corruption, greed, kickbacks, and other matters the public cannot control. It is time to shrink government to a manageable level, and remind clueless bureaucrats, “You work for us, we do not work for you.”  

Quite simply, many in our bloated government have to be shown the door, and as they leave, if the door slams their rear end, well, they should have left faster.  

I am leaving the socialist republic of New Jersey. I am pledging my allegiance to the Constitution and relocating to a state of lower taxes, individual freedoms, and where elected representatives actually talk to citizens and represent their values. Enough of frivolous laws and rules that even a lunatic cannot comprehend.   

Gov. Murphy, this is my resignation letter. 

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