Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

From my office window, across the street from Sea Isle City's historic St. Joseph's Catholic Church, I watched in amazement as a volunteer artist applied his craft for several weeks. An impressive sight it was. 

Ed Pearce volunteered his time and extraordinary talent to scrape, sand, and repaint historic St. Joe's, often during extremely hot, humid days. His meticulous attention to detail was a pleasure to see. I am certain I speak for many parishioners, residents, and visitors to Sea Isle in offering a sincere thank you to Ed. 

His quiet, gracious, yet enthusiastic act of selfless giving is a lesson to all. It is true that very good people do very good things. Mr. Pearce's goodness deserves our acknowledgment and gratitude. Thank you, again, Mr. Pearce. 

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