Letters to the Editor 2019

To the Editor: 

Congratulations to Cape May County freeholders on building a jail with over 30% not needed and about $1 million in cost overruns.

With all the teardowns in this county the last 20 years, half of the criminal element has been forced out due to a lack of affordable housing, lack of jobs to qualify for unemployment and the building boom has been over since 2009.

Now, the sheriff wants seven new personnel. Before giving the final OK, how about downsizing at the County Park and Zoo?

They only need two full-time sheriff’s officers with a staggered shift daily to handle the money and for patrolling. On the ever-decreasing very busy days, they should be using Class II officers like the seashore towns do. They don’t need an expensive mounted officer – I have never heard of any riots in the picnic areas.

They do not need three full-time secretaries in the director’s office. They do not need five full-time people collecting fines in the courthouse with weekends and holidays off and expensive benefits.

The days that a judge only has a half day of court or none at all, some sheriff’s officers could be out serving a few warrants. Cape May County usually has over $400,000 in back child support owed. The state has $1.5 billion in unfunded pensions.

All forms of government and schools should be downsizing the amount of employees and unneeded dollar amounts that are being paid.