Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

As Americans, we’ve experienced public protest and civil disobedience from the very beginning of our nation's existence.

We even sent King George a message, telling him, in no uncertain words, and with creative actions, what he could do with his excise tax on tea that was shipped from England to our colonies.

This, of course, resulted in the start of our quest to be free from rulers outside of the colonies. It was then, and stands now, as one of our proudest and among the most dangerous moments in our history.

Without competent leadership, courage, and sacrifice at that time, we easily could have lost that confrontation and still today be under the rule of another nation.

Civil disobedience and public protest has a rightful place in America and is responsible for the start of this land as an independent and free nation, beholden to no one. We sink or swim on our own abilities, and have done so since we sent that message to the king.

Today, almost 250 years later, we are still experiencing civil disobedience and public protest, regarding the treatment and freedom of residents born in our nation. There appears to be little actual difference between then and now in the reasoning for this activity.

In the middle 1700s, we reviled in the orders and demands of a king. Today, the revile is against the treatment of people that happen to be born with skin several shades darker than the majority of the population, and this treatment, again, results in civil disobedience and protest when these folks become frustrated because of economics, and feel deprived or disenfranchised by the light-skinned population.

One of the major sins of this nation was to allow, and even encourage, slavery in order to be successful. The capture and selling of human beings was, and is, a capital sin in all religions. This is inconsistent with claiming to be a Christian nation.

Civil disorder will likely continue until we clean our own house. We need to start in earnest now.

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