Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

The reason we have over 350,000 Covid deaths in the U.S. is that we don’t have and never had any real leadership. The leadership we elected four years ago campaigned using smoke and mirrors.  

This is what he’s done for years in his private business practice and continued to do the same thing sitting in the president’s seat in Washington.  

You can’t lead a country this way. He and his team are total failures. This cannot be denied. It’s now documented history. 

History will show that the president fired anyone who tried to alter his orders and do the right thing. Instead, they were replaced with a ‘yes’ man.  

This has, sadly, put us in the place we are in. Hopefully, new leadership will employ our military, i.e., National Guard, in every state to set up numerous ‘Covid vaccine shot’ centers in every part of each state immediately.  

Set up a heated tent and get to work. He could issue the order now to be employed immediately the second after he puts his hand on the Bible and swears to uphold the Constitution of the U.S Jan. 20, at noon. 

The troops should be prepared to move immediately and to set up centers everywhere in every state for the vaccination of every person in this country.  

In addition, I would expect the U.S. Air Force military transports to be employed to move vaccines from where it is made to these sights where it will be distributed. There should be no hesitation to employ the military.  

Anything short of this is a dereliction of duty. I would also expect that there would be no parties celebrating the change of command until this virus is harnessed and destroyed. 

More Americans have needlessly died because we’ve had zero leadership that wouldn’t or couldn’t act in the best interest of the American people. We will survive. God bless America and may He or She bless us all. 

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