Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

I live in Avalon, and my background is over 38 years working for a Pennsylvania-based power company. My department dealt with maintaining electric service and restoring it after interruptions.

Be aware that your electric bill is meant to ensure service reliability. That is why I was in favor of the steel 69 kilovolt lines coming into Avalon, as well as the upgrading of the substation.

Having said that, the recent performance of the distribution system was dismal. Was the cause poor construction, bad engineering, or faulty restoration directions? The same areas, in Avalon, went off day after day for extended periods of time.

The people of Avalon deserve an explanation of why it happened and how it will be prevented from happening again. Atlantic City Electric should explain either by publication in local papers, addressing Avalon Borough Council, or letters to the consumers.

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