Letters to the Editor 2019

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I was very disappointed and even embarrassed to read some of the articles recently published in the Herald. People are fighting for their lives.

People are dying. And then we have people arguing over the right to come to their second homes here at the shore. Really? We are all being asked to make sacrifices. We are all being asked to stay home to prevent the spread of this virus. If your primary home is in Pa. or NY then that is where you should be. Our governors are telling us this! It is not vacation time.

This is a serious pandemic. We don't need more people working in the grocery stores. We need people to continue staying home and social distancing. We Americans have so much to be grateful for. We take so much for granted, and at times we think we are entitled to whatever we want.

We can be very selfish and self-serving. We are all being asked to work together, to help each other, and to ensure the safety and well being of each other. This epidemic will end. It will end sooner if we all can comply. Please consider your part in this and what you can do to make this easier on all of us.