Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Bob Jackson is worried, at times, that there is too much government. He considers it a mark of honor that, as mayor of West Cape May, he only exercised his power to unilaterally force something to happen once when in office.

He is concerned that there is not enough diversity and accountability in area government. He doesn’t think bullying is okay.

He worries about the environment and is an avid outdoorsman. Bob would rather be spending his retirement fishing, but after 25 years serving, and attempting to serve, in city, county and state government, Bob still maintains the respect for his fellow citizens and their aspirations, needs, and opinions that his mother drilled into him as a child, and the desire to give the people of his community a voice, and ears to hear it with, in Middle Township and Cape May County.

Bob has the desire, intelligence, stamina, and sense of commitment to be a part of providing the leadership to bring the accountability, transparency, and sense of availability that has been lacking recently in the governing of Middle Township.

When Bob governed and ran his business, in West Cape May, his place would fill up with constituents during working hours, and in between customers, Bob would patiently run what amounted to a daily political clinic to address the questions and concerns of his fellow citizens; his door was always open to them.

Bob believes that same spirit with which he governed, in West Cape May, and while serving on the New Jersey Pinelands Commission, is needed in Middle Township government to provide the people of Middle Township with a “place at the table” in the way the decisions and the work of the Middle Township Committee are carried out; a way for everyone to be included and heard in a way that many don’t feel they are right now.

Help Bob be in the “room where it happens,” in Middle Township, so that we all are assured of a place there.

Vote Nov. 3 for Bob Jackson for Middle Township Committee.

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