Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

When thousands of people assemble to attack, in some minds, it’s called first amendment. Wrong, and in the case of Jan. 6, it’s called insurrection. 

It was disgraceful, and someone is to blame. As Lincoln said, “Of, for, and by the people,” not thugs. 

Why is this unrest happening in this fasion now than and never before? 

We’ve always had a peaceful transition of government until now. Why? 

We’ve never had a Trump administration before. Had this divisive process been seen before within the years prior to the last four years? 

We were an honorable, decent, and democratic country. However, we have seen third world or banana-type republics function in this manner. Such, if you don’t get your way, you riot, but doesn’t there have to be some form of instigation type of leadership? 

These rioters were the first led to believe that they were cheated via an election result. Proven not so by some 60 court rulings. Focusing in on the riots themselves, we saw multiple vans and vans of Trump and dixie flags, coupled with and sticks and very angry people challenging police authority. 

Furthermore, there were multiple deaths. This activity could have been stanched by a word from the White House, by a man who promised to march the marchers but did not. 

Could it possibly be that the marchers were duped? Who would do a thing like that? Weren’t we supposed to see American great again? 

Haven’t we been listening to this type of talk for some four years now? Where is the leader? 

Yet, he did indicate there are good people on all sides – really? 

After the deed was done Jan. 6, the president gave some medals of freedom to some professional golfers Jan. 7. How quaint. 

For years now, I’ve been hearing about American exceptionalism. I’m still trying to find it, especially in the last four years. 

I’m sorry for the people who were duped, but it didn’t give them the right to do what they did. They have to be held responsible, and fortunately, our country will now be headed in the right and proper direction. May God bless America.

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