Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

If there was an Emmy award for chutzpah, Gov. Andrew Cuomo would win hands down. You, sir, are the best deflector I've ever heard, but as a governor, you're awful. As a compassionate human being, you're even worse.  

You stated the "brutal question: Did my loved one have to die?" and then continued with your litany of gibberish, never taking any responsibility for your abhorrent March edict that forced nursing homes to readmit former residents who had been hospitalized for Covid, still testing positive, resulting in thousands of deaths by your own hand. Shame on you.  

In your list of truths, you missed the most important truth of all: You are, and forever will be, responsible for the excess thousands of nursing home deaths that would not have occurred without your order.  

You are responsible for quietly withdrawing the edict weeks later when you realized the horror you had created, and you, as the chief executive officer of the State of New York, are not man enough to admit that you made a mistake.  

Instead of manning up, you still choose to deflect and deceive. Governor, the curtain to your deadly performance is coming down, and it's time for you to exit, stage left. You won't be missed. 

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