Letters to the Editor 2019

NOTE: The Cape May County Herald is offering full coverage of the COVID-19 / coronavirus emergency to all, with no payment required. We are committed to ensuring our readers can make critical decisions for themselves and their families during this ongoing situation. To continue supporting this vital reporting, please consider a digital subscription or contribution. For more coverage, subscribe to our daily newsletter.

To the Editor: 

For 34 years, I have enjoyed reading your fine newspaper. Each week, I look forward to the news of the county, the editor’s and publisher’s columns, the letters to the editor, the advertisements of our local businesses and also “Spout Off.” 

Long ago, I learned that there is no such thing as a “free lunch.” All things have a cost, and that cost must be paid. I was fully aware that our business friends were paying for our “free paper,” and we, the readers, were paying for the “free paper” in our payment for goods and services the advertisers were providing. 

I must admit that when the pandemic hit, I blissfully assumed that things would continue as they were, including a “free Herald.” 

Then, I noticed that I could get a copy of the Herald for $1 at the Wawa. Your explanation for now having to ask for money directly from your readers was excellent. I am glad that you still continue to provide your paper free to those readers who cannot pay. 

Since I do not get my Herald from those merchants that charge, I am enclosing a donation with this note. 

Again, many thanks for your fine newspaper. 

ED. NOTE: We greatly appreciate Mr. Brodhag’s sentiment. We are truly grateful for financial contributions we are receiving from Herald readers through donations, subscriptions, and regular payments with scanned copies at Wawa and Acme. Your support helps us serve Cape May County to the very best of our ability. Thank you. 

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