Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts some 16,000 deaths in the coming month. There's a "Make America Great Again" rally upcoming in Oklahoma - lots of yelling.

Unfortunately, we have science-dumb people such as Pence, Kudlow, Meadows, Pompeo, and Barr, and you know who to "lead."

Was America not too great before this mess? What exactly does great mean? Webster says outstanding or eminent.

We have always been these things, except for 1929; however, we have a science pandemic we didn't have in 1929, but we had FDR shortly after 1929 and for the next 10 years.

Coronavirus pandemic - the Asian world, including China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, has it under control. How can we fix it if we call it a hoax?

Also, we have no strategy. Until we see a direction, how can we improve our economy and our life?

We used to lead. Now, we can't even follow. Wake up, America, and hopefully, we will have time after January 2021.

Is 'law and order' the answer? Nixon stuff - remember him.

Time is running out and we have no time for stupidity.