Letters to the Editor 2019

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To the Editor: 

I am writing what I believe will be my final letter to this paper.  

I have addressed many times my concern for our nation here on these pages. Today, I wish to do the same in the hope that my words will not fall on deaf ears.  

I write not for accolades or recognition, but merely to present a point of view and to provoke my fellow countrymen to thought.  

Sadly, there is no one more blind than he who will not see and none deafer than he who will not hear. I believe the vast majority of people in this nation reside in these two categories. 

In 1776, our founding fathers set out to create something new and, at that time, unheard of. Not a new nation, but a new form of government.  

Their ideal was a government of freedom. One in which the citizenry controlled the government and thereby controlled their destinies and that of the nation.  

Heretofore governments controlled the people. Mankind was subject to the decree of monarchs, kings, queens, and tyrants.  

Our founding fathers envisioned a nation where the power was relegated to the people. Government was to serve the will of the people. 

Sadly, we as a nation have lost sight of that concept. Yes, we still elect our representatives in government, but they do anything except serve the will of the people.  

Over the years, we the people have willingly surrendered power to the government.  

We often hear the phrase, "Those in authority over us" and similar statements. There is no one in authority over us. We the people are the authority over the government. At least that is the way it is supposed to be. However, it is not. 

We have allowed the government to take control away from the people to the point that we are "subjects," not citizens.  

Today in this nation, our elected officials do as they please, when and how they please and we have no say. It does not matter if we protest, call our representatives, etc.  

I read where our leaders passed the new Covid relief bill. I also read that less than 10% of that bill actually addresses anything to do with Covid relief - $1.9 trillion and 90% will go to political pork projects.  

My grandchildren's grandchildren will be working to pay off this debt. It is not as if this money is lying in a vault in Fort Knox. This is borrowed from the Federal Reserve, which is, in reality, not funds in reserve. 

Today, allegedly because of the Jan. 6 insurrection, our nation’s capital looks like Fort Knox - chain fences, barbed concertina wire, armed troops - for what? Because a few hundred militant radicals stormed the building and trashed some offices?  

Anyone can go online and find many videos showing Capitol police officers opening the gates and doors and allowing the protesters into the Capitol.  

For this, we have turned the people's Capitol building into a fortress. I do not believe that is the reason at all.  

The organizing power of a nation is its war power. The authority of the state over its people is its war power.  

This is the government's show of power over the people. We the people have surrendered our power to the tyranny that we elected.  

We the people have allowed this to happen, and we will reap the harvest of the seeds we have sown... The power of the people is gone.  

We are now "subjects of the crown." Kneel before your masters. 

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